2016 Campaign Announcement

Thursday, May 5th, 2016 @ 5:00PM

Statement from State Representative Robb Kahl


I have decided not to seek re-election to the Wisconsin State Assembly. During both my time as Mayor of Monona and now as State Representative, I have never approached elective office as a career but rather as public service. Throughout this service I have maintained my private sector employment and it is now time to once again return my focus to those endeavors. During my four years representing the 47th Assembly District, I have been deeply impressed by the constituents I have been honored to serve and the beautiful communities I am fortunate to represent. I look forward to serving my constituents throughout the remainder of my current term. I am confident a new candidate will emerge to succeed me who has strong ties to the district, a demonstrated track record of public service and the business acumen necessary to properly serve the constituents of the 47th.

I have been honored to serve with many good people in the Legislature from both sides of the aisle who are devoted to the public good as they deem appropriate for their constituents. The fact that their definition of the public good may differ from my own is not our challenge – as we have and need a system of government built on differing perspectives and experiences. The challenge for us all derives from the political impediments that cripple our system. Instead of bi-partisan action on the deficit, jobs, public education and health care, we spend too much of our time pushing legislation catering to the extreme views of certain voices in each party, drawing legislative district lines to ensure desired results and raising unlimited donations to oust each other from office. This has led to an environment where the focus all too often is on winning, not serving.

I am proud to be a social progressive who is fiscally prudent. I guess that makes me like most Wisconsinites – a moderate and a centrist in today’s political world that governs from the extremes. In order to break free from this continuous election cycle dominated by unyielding ideology, we need the Capitol in Madison to operate more like local governmental bodies across this state where elected officials focus on practical problem solving and eschew the narrow ideology of the partisan extremists. If state government were run more like the city halls in Monona and throughout Wisconsin – where elected officials are not solely identified by political party but by their ability to find solutions that benefit and serve our residents – then all of Wisconsin would be better for it.

I want to thank the voters of the 47th Assembly District for the opportunity to represent them and I look forward to serving my fellow citizens again in the future in whatever capacity that may be. Most importantly, I want to thank my wife Jennifer and our four children for their unwavering love and support.


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