Endorsements 2014

What people are saying about Robb:

“Robb has taken a proactive approach to working together on the tough law enforcement challenges we face. He wants to know how legislation will affect law enforcement professionals, the Sheriff’s office and our communities. He cares about getting things done for the people he serves. I am proud to support Representative Kahl for re-election.”

-Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney

“Robb is constantly reaching out to officials in Fitchburg to get our opinions and learn how legislative proposals would impact our community.  He is proactive, and has partnered with the City of Fitchburg in our efforts to have the Verona Road project go as smoothly as possible while addressing the needs and concerns of Fitchburg residents and businesses.”

–Dan Carpenter, Fitchburg Alder, District 3, Seat 6

Robb has been an exceptional advocate for women – authoring legislation to restore the Equal Pay Act and consistently supporting our rights to medical privacy. He also opposed legislation that empowered the government to force women to undergo invasive ultrasounds that are not medically necessary. Please join me in voting for State Representative Robb Kahl.”

–Jenni Dye, Dane County Board Supervisor, District 33


 Current and Former Elected Officials

Joe Parisi, Dane County Executive

-Dave Mahoney, Dane County Sheriff

-Robin Schmidt, Dane County Board Supervisor
-Jenni Dye, Dane County Board Supervisor

-Paul Soglin, Madison Mayor
-Dave Cieslewicz, Former Madison Mayor

-Shawn Pfaff, Fitchburg Mayor

-Richard Bloomquist, Fitchburg Alder

-Dan Carpenter, Fitchburg Alder

-Patrick Stern, Fitchburg Alder

-Ed Minihan, Town of Dunn Chairman

-Brad Czebotar, McFarland Village Board President

-Scott Gletty-Syoen, McFarland Trustee

-Mary Pat Lytle, McFarland Trustee

-Mike Flaherty, Former McFarland Trustee

-Bob Miller, Monona Mayor

-Kathy Thomas, Monona Alder

-Doug Wood, Monona Alder

-Jim Busse, Monona Alder

-Mary O’Connor, Monona Alder

-Chad Speight, Monona Alder

-Brian Holmquist, Monona Alder

-Susan Fox, Monona Grove School Board President

-Susan Manning, Monona Grove School Board Member

-Dean Bowles, Monona Grove School Board Member

-Jessica Ace, Monona Grove School Board Member

-Peter Barca, State Assembly Minority Leader


Business, Labor, & Environmental Groups

-Planned Parenthood
-Clean Wisconsin Action Fund
-Sierra Club
-SMART (Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, & Transportation)

– UAW Region 4
-Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin (PFFA)
-Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA)
-Madison Teachers Inc (MTI)
-Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC)
-Wisconsin State AFL-CIO
-AFSCME People
-Wisconsin Building & Trades
-South Central Building Trades
-Southern Wisconsin Building & Construction Trades
-Wisconsin State Council of Carpenters
-Operating Engineers Local 139
-Tavern League of Wisconsin
-Wisconsin Troopers’ Association